About Us

"We Deal in Automobile, Generator and Heavy Machinery Filters"


Brief History:



 Shafiq Automotive Industries was established in 1986 with a brand name of Super Max Filters. We are one of the leading Oil, Air, and Fuel Filters manufacturer for automotive and the largest exporter of Oil, Air and Fuel Filters to the Middle East and South Africa.

Super Max Filters Positioned as a specialist of filter manufacturer with fully managed services along with a growing catalogue of World-class automotive filters Products. Super Max filters maintain a formal quality system meeting all ISO 9001:2008 Standards.


Our mission is to provide quality products to the automotive user’s that will empower their vehicles to improve their vehicles performance. More importantly, these products will result in economic and environmental benefits.

Quality Standards:


Shafiq Automotive Industries is committed not only to meet the norms & specifications of the Filtration Industry , but to exceed the expectations of our customers. We have imposed strict quality control along the supply chain, driven by the continuous improvement of our processes.

Our filters are manufactured and tested in compliance with International Standards Organization ISO 9001:2008 .We provide maximum value by providing the highest quality at a competitive price.


1) Our first class quality automotive filters ensure the customers will have the best choice in products   that are guaranteed free of defect.

2) We guarantee all our products are free from manufacturing defects and will perform to the highest (or exceed) quality standards .