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CEO Message

SAI was a dream of one man, which he extended to be transformed into the dream of hundreds. We strive to accomplish our dreams and goal to bring greater splendor in the future
I believe our remarkable growth is clearly the success story of entrepreneurship that has risen from infancy into sturdiness. We have still to go a long way to turn into blossoming youth. I am proud of our achivement in the last three decades in a market filled with cheap products.
I am delighted to see that our struggle for quality has received such an acknowledgment from our worth customers that have encourageed us to raise the bar over higher.
Our leadership has a strong base of our employees. They have made SAI one of the outstanding companies in our industry. Each of them brings diverse backgrounds and deciplines to deliver the one the one thing - Quality Results.
Remember: Quality is never ending journey, it's wayof life. I pray to Allah, the Sustainer to endow upon us HIS blessing to succeed in our efforts.

Muhammad Shafiq

We aim at outstanding clients and outtanding products

The History


Shafiq Automotive Industries was established


Unit II established in Shalimar


Dubai Office was established


Awarded leader in filter exports


Factory outlet established in Badami Bagh (Auto Market)


Unit I shifted to present location


Unit III established

The largest exporter of automotive filters to Middle East & Africa

We are commited to you for: